Used 2015 Yamaha Golf Carts All Electric Golf Cart




used 2015 Yamaha Golf Carts All Electric Golf Cart 

2015 Yamaha Electric Golf Cart – Wrangler Blue, 48 Volt electric – Automatic charger – Fully serviced – New premium custom paint(Wrangler Blue) – New 12\’ wheels / Tires – New flip down back seat – New LED headlights / tail lights – New folding windshield! Add a Bazooka bluetooth sound bar!


Model Electric Golf Cart – Wrangler Blue
CategoryGolf Carts All
Type Golf Carts



One reason why so many people love using their Yamaha golf cars as often as they can is because of the comfort. They’re luxury vehicles, designed to make your experience as relaxing as possible. That’s why they come with plush seats and footrests for every passenger. As a driver, you’ll love the easy handling, and you can even transform the back of the golf car into an extra pair of seats, or use it for more cargo space. Use the sturdy roof to protect you from the elements, including a drizzle or too much sun, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a fun and comfortable ride.



Yamaha golf cars aren’t just about fun and comfort. They’re also going to give you fantastic performance features including fuel-efficient engines that can allow you to reach nearly 20mph. Choose between gas and electric models, and whether you’ll need something that’ll gently roll over well-kept grounds or something a bit more rugged to handle more difficult off-road terrain. You can even find models that can accommodate a 20-degree incline and offer 250 pounds of carrying capacity. No matter what you use these machines for, they’ll make your day easier and more enjoyable.


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